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Give up Smoking... Easily

Find out how YOU can stop, quit smoking easily and painlessly using hypnosis, hypnotherapy.
The Times quoted a 95% success rate for hypnotherapy in helping people to give up smoking - May 2007

How to 'Kick the Habit'

Stop smoking with hypnotherapy

The main difficulty for smokers wanting to quit the habit is that they consciously know all the reasons for giving up smoking, and may even have a smoking related illness, but something keeps telling them that smoking is O.K. or that they can give up ... later. This “voice“ comes from the unconscious part of the mind, which has been ‘programmed’ at the first experience of smoking and has not changed at all since then.

That first experience was usually in the early teenage years, with a group of others, when smoking was ‘naughty but nice’ a means of keeping in with the group, and being adult.

By using hypnosis to kick the habit we can re-educate the unconscious part of the mind about smoking, changing those earlier lessons into up to date information about the smoking habit, its expense, health risks, anti-social nature, and the effects it is having on the individual’s life (and their children’s health perhaps). Once both the unconscious and conscious parts of the mind are in agreement, a person finds it easier to give up smoking.

"... giving up smoking is by far the biggest step towards avoiding lung cancer anyone can take"
The Times 26.02.07

I only need to see people once for smoking as this therapy is so successful.

The session includes

  1. An initial interview to discover if there is any anxiety linked to the smoking habit, and details of their smoking routines.
  2. The person being guided into hypnosis.
  3. A suggestion programme for increased calm, confidence to offset any stress or irritability that may result from giving up smoking.
  4. A programme to re-educate the unconscious part of the mind about smoking, along the lines outlined above, but personalised to the client involved.
  5. A post hypnotic suggestion for use if they are tempted to smoke, by others.

The client takes away a CD, with two hypnotherapy programmes on it to support them through their first month as a Non-Smoker. (This can be easily transferred to MP3 format for your iPod or MP3 player)

A success rate of this one session programme is very high at least 90%!