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Stress can be relieved, controlled, managed, channelled using hypnosis, stress therapy, hypnotherapy, psychotherapy.
Hypnotism has been used to help people with problems of the mind for centuries.



Feeling out of control, so much to do can do nothing, procrastination, lack of concentration, slump in confidence, anxiety, sleep disrupted, feeling of hopelessness and helplessness leading to depression, wanting to give up, get away, escape. This can result in migraine, IBS, chest pains, panics and other stress related illnesses. These symptoms can be felt, in part, even when thinking about the problem.

Stress can hit anyone, often at a time of change, new job, new relationship, new management at work, new working practises, new baby, or a change in personal circumstances, sexual problems, illness, trying to cope. They become linked in that the more the stress the greater the problem seems to be.

Hypnotherapy/psychotherapy are excellent at dealing with these problems by -

  1. regular relaxation into hypnosis during sessions and at home using the back up programme(s) on CD.
  2. suggestion therapy under hypnosis, often dealing with the recent triggering event(s). Boosting confidence and putting things into a new perspective.
  3. the use of counselling/psychotherapy to find new strategies and ways of handling stressful situations.

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