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Phobias, Fears & Anxiety

Phobias, fears, anxiety, can be resolved easily in a comfortable way using hypnosis in hypnotherapy with an experienced, qualified hypnotherapist.


Fears and Phobias

Sudden fear followed by the fight, flight or freeze response, or even a panic attack. Sweating, shaking, cannot speak clearly, confused, at worst pains in the chest that mimic a heart attack. This seems out of all proportion to what is happening and there is a general feeling of being out of control and must get away. These symptoms can be felt, in part, even when thinking of the place or activity.

Phobias can be linked to a range of things -

flying, supermarkets, heights, enclosed places, open places, darkness, illness, blood, needles, hospitals, birds, cats, dogs, spiders, being sick or near someone being sick, public speaking, crowds, driving on motorways, driving on unfamiliar roads, driving test, exams, intimacy.

The two main categories are...

  1. Fear of being the centre of attention.
  2. Fear of being out of control

Phobias, fears are learnt patterns of behaviour and are the result of a three stage process -

  1. a sensitising event
  2. a triggering event
  3. anticipation increasing anxiety

Hypnotherapy is excellent at dealing with these problems by -

  1. regular relaxation into hypnosis during sessions and at home using the back up programme(s) on CD or cassette tape.
  2. suggestion therapy under hypnosis, often dealing with the recent triggering event(s)
  3. the use of hypno-analysis, regression to find and resolve the original event.

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