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Depression & Low Mood

Difficult events and experiences can often cause depression, including relationship problems, bereavement, sleep problems, stress at work, bullying, illness, and pain. Depression can be lifted using hynosis, hypnotherapy and hypno-analysis.



Can include feeling low, lack of self worth, tiredness, lethargy, procrastination, change in sleep pattern, feeling of pointlessness, life not worth living. In extreme cases thoughts of self harm or suicide.

Often there have been recent events that have triggered the symptoms, it may be loss of a loved one, through death, divorce or moving away, loss of status at work, not getting a promotion, children leaving home, retirement etc.

However, this is rarely the actual cause of the depression merely the trigger for its onset. As mentioned elsewhere the cause is often in early life, but has been “repressed” and , therefore, laid dormant, sometimes for many years, until it is triggered.

Hypnotherapy can help quite speedily in such cases by -

  1. the client admitting there is a problem and seeking help
  2. acknowledgment by the therapist that there is a problem (rather than the “pull yourself together” approach) and that it is worthy of attention.
  3. regular relaxation into hypnosis during sessions and at home( using the back up programmes on CD).
  4. suggestion therapy under hypnosis, often dealing with the recent triggering event
  5. the use of analytical therapy to find and resolve the original event.
Success rates are high in this area of work, as the psychological mechanism at work is usually very straightforward. Hypnotism has been used to help people with problems of the mind for centuries.

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