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Here we explain how suggestion hypnotherapy, hypnoanalysis and NLP are used to assist people to quickly and effectively free themselves from the limitations or restrictions they currently experience.

Suggestion Therapy

Suggestion Therapy

This form of therapy is the best known use of hypnosis. It makes use of the heightened susceptibility to beneficial suggestions in order to change bad habits for good ones, and to build confidence. It is known especially for its high success rate in helping people to change eating habits and so lose weight, and in assisting people with pre-test or business presentation nervousness and so on.

Suggestion therapy has been criticised for dealing only with the symptoms and not with the cause. For this reason it is recommended only for the problems mentioned above.

This type of therapy usually only requires one session with me, and reinforcing sessions with a back-up CD or download for use at your own convenience over the first four weeks. If, however, a booster session is needed, then it would be charged at half-fee rate, if taken within three months.

Analytical Therapy (regression)
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