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Life and business coaching

Life & Business Coach

Providing impartial assistance to help you improve your
personal or business situations and goals.

Life Coaching

An efficient means of assessing where you are and moving forward in your life with assistance and support.

Business Coaching

A listening ear, an outsider who can see things differently and put forward possible strategies for improvement and handling potentially difficult situations.

  • assessing where you are in respect of the different areas of your life
  • becoming more focused upon where change is desired
  • setting goals to bring about change(s)
  • identifying the steps necessary to achieve the goal(s)
  • motivating the tasks necessary to achieve those goals, thus making goals achievable

The coach and the client work as a team to get results

Sessions may include Psychotherapy and/or Hypnotherapy as agreed between client and coach in order to get a speedy and efficient result.

Sessions can be conducted face to face, over the telephone, via Skype, by email or any agreed mix of these.

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