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Sporting Performance

Find out how YOU can improve your sporting performance and achievement using hypnosis, hypnotherapy with a qualified, experienced hypnotherapist.

Sporting Success

Sporting performance

Equestrians (horse riders, show jumpers, eventers), golfers, archers, cyclists, chess & snooker players, motorcycle scramblers, tennis players, martial arts competitors and an Olympic athlete (Athens) have all reported measurable performance improvements after working with John.

The core requirements of any sport are-

  • confidence and self belief
  • motivation and determination
  • concentration and focus of attention

Each client and each sport come with their own unique requirements and for this reason the programme and its individual components, will be individually tailored to meet those needs. A range of techniques can be utilised to ensure that the sportsman or sportswoman is always building upon his/her best previous performance.

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Techniques such as -

  • Self- Talk
  • Visualisation
  • Suggestion Therapy
  • Goal Setting
  • NLP
  • The use of role models

Each of which is made more powerful and effective when used with hypnosis and hypnotherapy by an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist.

Golf example

Golf is a very psychological game, so much time is spent between shots that the doubts can build up! Anticipating a problem is as good as making it happen. Hence, a method that interrupts that process and allows positive expectaions to develop is bound to have a great effect on the next shot and you game as a whole!